UNITED Worldwide Car Rental is a service organization that supplies all relevant information for persons who want to rent a car outside of the country where they live

UNITED knows from years of experience how difficult it can be to book a car for rent in an other country. Practically not possible to compare the avantages and disadvantages of a specific rent and very difficult to compare the prices.

UNITED is there to help you with this.

  • UNITED is an independent orgnization not related to the major international car rental brand names and connected with the major car rental brokers in the world.
  • We have specially trained staff members waiting to be of service to you. For free as we believe new contacts will give us new opportunities.
  • UNITED belongs to a group of independent car rental companies (  and has built over a number of years a large knowledge of the car rental industry. We are fully independent of major brand names and therefore we can give objective advice.
  • We are happy to give you all relevant information about the best bookings outside the country you live in and we are also more than happy to make the bookings for you and be your point of reference in preparing the rent, during the rent and after the rent.
  • If you book through us we also assist you when there are damage claims. These procedures can be, if one is not used to deal with it, very complicated and time consuming.
  • In other words, we are there to let you make the best booking, taking price, car qualities, damage risk into account and we are with youbduring the full process of your carcrental.

It is unique. Try it.

How to rent a car abroad?

  • We give all information regarding renting a car outside of your home country.
  • We make the best booking for you through only the major rental companies worldwide.
  • We are independent and do not belong to a major brand name Our information and booking services are without any costs for you.
  • We explain, if desired, in detail all conditions regarding the car rent, so you can really compare service and price In case there is damage to the car we help you with the claim procedure.